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Delaware Christian School provides various musical opportunities for students entering fourth to twelfth grade. We believe that the musical arts provide a creative outlet for diverse learners and lend yet another opportunity to use talents and abilities to glorify God. In addition, involvement in musical ensembles helps reinforce qualities such as teamwork and self discipline. Our three concert bands and two secondary choirs are under the direction of Mrs. Albany Witt.
All students in fifth grade are encouraged to learn a concert band instrument. The Beginning Band meets twice a week and performs for both Christmas and Spring Concerts. Students enjoy a fun, creative outlet, the challenge of a new instrument and the excitement of a different classroom setting.
Sixth through eighth grade students comprise the Middle School Band. This intermediate group learns the teamwork required to balance a larger band and plays a varying repertoire of music, from classical to pop, each song challenging the student in the areas of sight reading, tone production, rhythm and more as specified by state standards. Middle School Band meets three times a week and performs for both Christmas and Spring concerts and select years, also attends various music festivals and contests.
The Eagle Band is our premiere instrumental group, comprised of students in ninth through twelfth grade. This concert band of generally 30 members meets three times a week and acts as the Pep Band for various basketball games. In addition, the Eagle Band performs for the Christmas and Spring Concert, graduation, and attends festivals and contests for grading and development, and takes a fun and educational trip biennially. Students in this group are expected to have mastered basic and intermediate playing skills on their instruments. Comfort with solo playing is assumed and ability to self motivate and prepare for class is also expected. It is the goal of Mrs. Clark that students are capable and interested in continuing their band experience at the collegiate level.