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Capital Campaign - Building for Future Generations


  • SPACE NEED IS CRITICAL - Having experienced steady growth the last five years, DCS has a student enrollment of 345 in Pre-K through 12th grade in the 2021-2022 academic year. Based on valid projections, enrollment is expected to increase to 400 within three years. To increase the student/teacher ratio, the need for classroom space is urgent.
  • CORE VALUES - Our society is moving farther away from the traditional Christian values on which it was founded. As a result, young people are increasingly challenged on a daily basis to abandon their faith and embrace a secular lifestyle. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, and knowing this compels the school and the church to partner with parents to promote academic excellence while developing lifelong learners who embrace a biblical worldview.
  • PARTNERSHIP - Founded in 1973 as a ministry of Delaware Bible Church, the vision statement of Delaware Christian School (DCS) is to provide an environment that produces the next generation of cultural influencers, workers, and leaders for Christ. The ultimate goal is to equip and prepare well-educated students who will mature to become Christian men and women who fulfill God’s calling in their lives. After a great deal of thought and prayer and an independent feasibility study, the DCS School Board and the Elders of Delaware Bible Church have agreed that a critical next step for the school is to conduct a capital campaign to provide funding for expansion and enhancement.


The GOAL of the “Building for Future Generations” campaign is to provide a medium-sized gathering space as well as a classroom addition to our current building. 

  • Over 1,800 square feet of medium-sized, multipurpose gathering space for many church and school purposes
  • Enhanced security
  • More restrooms
  • Additional space for church staff
  • Almost 12,00 square feet for 12 new classrooms for school and church use
  • Space for more than 100 new students at DCS
  • Larger nursery for church

Estimated construction cost: $4 million, with additional campaign costs

Partnership: Delaware Christian School and Delaware Bible Church are each accepting $2 million as their campaign funding goal.

Length of Campaign Commitments: The campaign is structured for commitments to be made and payable over a three-year period. Of course, special gifts will be accepted and appreciated.

Campaign Timeline: The commitment phase of this campaign is scheduled to conclude in December 2021.


  • Church Center Giving is a secure website where you can give via card (2.9% plus $.30 fee) or ACH bank transfer ($0.25 fee). 
  • Text-to-Give allows you to make a donation by texting 84321
  • Business or personal check mailed to the business office; write "DCS Capital Campaign" or "DBC Capital Campaign" on the memo line
  • If you are interested in donating stocks, contact Business Manager Jalayne Van Gorden at 740-513-3640.