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Scrip Program

Scrip FAQs

What is Scrip? Simply, SCRIP is using gift certificates instead of cash to pay for goods and merchandise at stores (and online), restaurants, gas stations, etc.

How does DCS purchase Scrip? DCS purchases gift certificates (gift cards) on your behalf at a percentage discount. When someone purchases a gift card from DCS, they are paying the full dollar amount for the gift certificate. Fifty percent of the savings goes back to the ministry and the other 50% goes into your school account to pay for books, tuition, sports fees, lunch tickets, etc.


Store name

Amount Purchased

% Discount

Actual amount DCS paid





From the example given above, DCS purchases a $10 certificate from Wendy’s at an actual cost of $9.60. When you come in and purchase the $10 certificate at face value, from the 40 cent difference – 20 cents will go to DCS and the other 20 cents will be applied to your account.

Are these certificates good for specific places? Generally, most of the gift certificates are accepted nationwide, unless they are purchased from local businesses.

Do the gift certificates have an expiration date? Most of the national businesses do not have an expiration date. Some of the local businesses on our vendor list may have some, please see the certificates for specific details.

How can I order?

  1. Come directly into the Business office and purchase.

What kind of payment does DCS accept? DCS accepts cash or checks made out to the school.

Click here to download our current Scrip sheet.

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