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Goal:  To honor God by encouraging the children's love and understanding of music.

 The Bible is filled with references to singing and playing instruments.
               Psalm 100 sings "Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth!"

Music class is offered to all elementary students two days per week. An elementary choir is available to 4th - 6th graders and meets before school two days a week. The elementary choir performs at the Christmas and spring concerts and at events around the community.

The Delaware Christian School’s music curriculum progression is experience-based and uses playground rhymes, games and songs indigenous to their own backgrounds, folk songs from America's varied ethnic and cultural heritages, international folk songs and movement, and the masterworks of all styles and periods of music.  Instrumental music is included in the form of barred and rhythm instruments and recorder, and is an integral portion of the music class.

The program recognizes that the average student of any age can learn:

o      to sing in tune
o      to sing and read printed music easily, as one would read a book
o     to hear the printed page in one's head even without  singing out loud
o     to write down music one hears
o     to improvise using one's own voice
o     to hold an independent melody when singing in parts with others.

DCS parents often comment “My child sings all the time", however there are many other skills that transfer from the music classroom into other rooms of the school and other areas of life.

These include:  

●     learning to take turns and share
●     organizing things into groups
●     recognizing same and different patterns
●     understanding music styles from around the world