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Impact Campaign 2020

Posted 11/11/20

Let me begin by thanking many of you for giving to DCS in the past.  Your donations to our school have enhanced the school in many ways.  DCS has enjoyed new desks and chairs in the classrooms, a security fence around our property, and the newest addition of new lockers in High School, Middle School and in the band room for our instruments.


At this time, I am excited to announce our new project. For the longest time we have needed a cover or an additional set of doors over the main school entrance.  I am sure many of you have had the experience of ringing our door's security button while standing in the rain.  So, this year we are going to raise the funds to build an enclosed breezeway attached to the entrance of the school. 

This addition will allow parents and visitors to enter the breezeway out of the weather and wait until they are admitted to the school.  The cost of this project will be approximately $60,000.00, which is the amount we raised last year.  Here are the details that you need to know.

  • This year 100% of the donations will be going towards this campaign.  DCS will be handling student’s accounts in a different way.
  • The students are receiving incentives for the most donations brought in under their name. When you give, be sure to let us know which student has asked you for the funds.
  • You may give by clicking on this FACTS Giving link  and sending your donation online. Remember to add the student’s name as a memo.
  • You may also give by sending in a check directly to the school and adding the child’s name on the memo line.
  • If you are a business and would like to make a corporate donation you can contact our Development Director, Shayla Bliss, at shayla.bliss@dcschool.org. There are extra incentives for you.
  • If the students raise the entire amount of $60,000.00, they will get an additional day off of school!  Our Martin Luther King Jr. weekend will be expanded to Friday through Monday, January 15-18. 
  • As always as part of this campaign we serve the community of Delaware as a pay it forward gesture. This year we will be planning that event for the spring of 2021.  So, watch for the news of our students serving others.

The opportunity to give will be open until January 8, 2021. As we approach the holidays, please remember DCS and our need to enhance our building for our students and parents.  Thank you again for your support and your donation.