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Hughes, Beth

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IT Coordinator

Church Home:

Delaware Bible Church

At DCS Since:


Experience Since:


Favorite Bible Verse:

Micah 6:68

Originally From:

Circleville, Ohio

Why I came to DCS:

Our oldest daughter began attending kindergarten at DCS in 1996. Then our youngest in 1999. I was wanting to return to the workforce while both girls were at school. I was offered a position as a DCS teacher's aide and it was a perfect match! I often tell people that my children did not attend DCS because I work here but I work here because this is where I want them to attend school. It is an excellent place to work.

When I was younger I wanted to:

be a science teacher.

Hobbies/Interests outside of DCS:

running is my passion, crossword puzzles, and reading when I have free time.