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Stechshulte wins Geography Bee

Posted 01/14/13

Stechshulte wins Geography Bee

The Geography Bee was held this past Friday, Jan. 11 in the auditorium where 4-8th graders competed. Fourth grade competitors were Mia Schoonover, Lilly Heidorn, Nicole Schneider, Elizabeth Ringley, and Jamison Johnson. Fifth grade students were: Temirlan Snedden, Corey Stechshulte, Christopher Carroll, Zane Fisher and Andres Rosario. Sixth grade attendants were: Caleb Stechschulte, Jordan Edwards, Hannah Peterson, Kyle Campbell, and Samuel Ringley. Seventh grade students were: Matthew Barber, Sydney Lenart, Isaac Rindfuss, Keenan Siebert and Sophia Weldi.  The eighth grade class was represented by: Austin Evans, Ava Heidorn, Isaac Houser, Alex Schneider and Adam Standley.

Sixth grader Caleb Stechschulte won by correctly answering the question, "The Weddell and Ross Seas border which continent?" Caleb responded correctly with "Antarctica.” He is the son of Chuck and Becky Stechschulte. His teacher is Mrs. Bunni Carroll.

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