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Feast Day is Coming!

Posted 10/24/17

Feast Day will be held Friday, November 10. Elementary students are encouraged to dress as Pilgrims or Native Americans as we thank God for all the blessings He's given us. Please make sure you turn in your items by Wednesday, November 1.
Classes are asked to bring the following:
Pre-K: $3 for fresh rolls
Kindergarten: 2, 15oz cans of chicken broth
1st: 3, 15oz cans of corn
2nd: 48 oz Applesauce (no homemade)
3rd: 2, 14oz seasoned stuffing mixes
4th: 2, 12oz jars of turkey gravy
5th: 20 ct pkg styrofoam plates
If you would like to volunteer to help on Feast Day, please contact Jane Miner.