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Secondary Overview

Delaware Christian School Curriculum

DCS has developed a carefully planned curriculum in which our certified teachers integrate all subjects and activities with God's Holy Word. Our philosophy of text book selection is to use Christian published materials where possible. Exceptions would be where a secular publisher has a text which is significantly more sound educationally. Primary publishers would be ABEKA, Bob Jones and for math, Sadlier & Larsen. Christian texts are used for most science and social studies classes. Some secular texts will be used in upper level classes not siginificantly effected by humanism.

DCS holds to a Biblical Creationist position regarding origins. We believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis and in a young earth. Supporting educational materials come largely from Institute of Creation Science and Answers in Genesis.

The course of study has been developed in accordance with the standards prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education. As a state chartered school, we are required to give the Ohio Graduation Test to all 10th grade students.


Freshman Requirements Sophomore Requirements Junior Requirements Senior Requirements
English I English II English III (Comp. & Amer. Lit.) English IV (Comp. & Brit. Lit.)
Old Testament Bible New Testament Bibile Understanding the Times (Bible) Marriage and Family (Bible)
  World Geography American History U.S. Government
Physical Science Biology Science Elective: Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Environmental Science Science Elective: Physical Science, Anatomy, Physics, Environmental Science, Chemistry
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I or II Algebra I, II, or Geometry Algebra II, Geometry, or Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus or Calculus
Physical Education & Health      
Electives Electives Electives Electives
Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV
Computer Computer Computer Computer
Band Band Band Band
Choir Choir Choir Choir
Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook
Art Art Art Art

We administer the PSAT to 10th and 11th grades on an optional basis. DCS is a test site for the ACT and SAT. Upper classmen are encouraged to take the SAT and ACT. For further information, see the school profile under Academics for ACT results as well as National Merit Scholarship award recipients based on the PSAT.

Delaware Christian School was again recognized in 2014 as a “Top Academic Ohio High School” based on Gerber Analytics analysis of the 2014 Ohio Graduation Test given to all tenth grade students.  DCS has now achieved this recognition for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2014.  

DCS earned a rating of 47th out of 108 Ohio high schools which had a passing rate of 91% on all five sections of the OGT.   DCS was one of six schools in Ohio that achieved a 100% pass rate.   There are 1,008 state chartered high schools in Ohio that were included in the analysis.    

Other Columbus area schools receiving top 108 schools recognition are St. Charles, Columbus Academy, Columbus School for Girls, Dublin Jerome, Olentangy, Liberty, Village Academy, Wellington, Madison Christian, Grandview Hts., and Tree of Life.

Gerber Analytics methodology and statistics can be accessed here.

Sycamore - Communication to Parents and Students

Student evaluation is a continuing process for grading growth in every class. This process of ongoing student evaluation becomes increasingly effective when based on a common philosophy which is understood by teacher, parents, and students. The comprehensive K-12 website to assist in the communication between all parties is called Sycamore. Parents and students are encouraged to view Sycamore for a complete listing of lesson plans, grades, and newsletters. Passwords and access are given upon enrollment.

  1. High school students and parents are personally responsible for keeping informed of subject grades by checking Sycamore. Teachers are expected to post grades weekly and have lesson plans for the week posted by Monday at 8 a.m.
  2. Teachers and parents are encouraged to contact each other anytime a problem may arise or for information and clarification.


A probationary period of nine school weeks for all new students will be required for all acceptance and appointment to grades. Personal or written notification to parents of any change in grade placement will immediately follow the nine weeks probationary period.

DCS does not have a program for children with "learning disabilities" as identified by legal definition. We do offer tutorial and remedial assistance on a limited, time available basis.

The school will quarterly publish an honor roll for 6-12 grades. The purpose of having an honor roll is to recognize those students who "study to show themselves approved unto God...workmen that need not to be ashamed..." realizing that the well-rounded student is utilizing his gifts and abilities to glorify God. It is to this end that these students are specially recognized. The honor roll will include all subjects which are given a letter grade for that grading period. The "Honor Roll" will be for those students making all A's. The "Merit Roll" will be for those students earning all A's and B's.

See also Secondary - Academic Profile for grade scale and ACT Score history.