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Second Grade

Class Motto:  Do The Right Thing!

Class Verse:  Deuteronomy 6:18a   Do that which is right and good in the sight of the Lord.

Academic Focus:  Responsibility, organization and obedience are three key principles that second graders focus on throughout the year.  These skills enable students to mature and provide opportunities of success academically and spiritually.     

Bible:  Character Development, Bible Memorization, Weekly Quizzes, Focus on God’s Promises through the study of the life of Moses

Language Arts: Phonics, Spelling, Fluent Reading, Comprehension, Sentence and Paragraph Writing

Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts, Place Value, Graphs, Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction, Geometry, Money and Time, Three Digit Addition and Subtraction, Fractions, Measurement, Multiplication

Science: Plants, Earth, Forces, Bones and Muscles, Light and Shadows, Living Things and Non-Living Things, Motion, Oceans      

History: America: Symbols, Patriotism; Geography, Map Skills; People Who Built America; Tomorrow’s America

Handwriting: Students learn to evaluate their own handwriting skills by recognizing proper shape, size, slant and spacing of letters and words.


Field Trips– Johnny Appleseed Museum, Apple Orchard, Franklin Park Conservatory, Homesteaders Field Trip at Marmon Valley Horse Farm

Special Activities– 100 Day, Dr. Seuss Week, Reader’s Theaters, D.E.A.R. Time