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Welcome to the Kindergarten Class where we begin the exciting journey called school. With lots of fun and laughter the young learners explore the wonderful world of reading, writing and math in an environmentthatensures the students feel accepted, encouraged and loved - while receiving the individual, hands-on attention they each deserve.

Core Subject Areas

Bible:  Starting with the knowledge that Jesus loves me and has made me just the way he wants me we study Bible stories and verses learning character traits that help us to become more like Jesus.
Some stories include:
·   Jesus loves the little children
·   the boy Samuel
·   Noah
·   the boy who shared his lunch
·   the Christmas story

Language Arts:  The love of books and the joy of reading are introduced in Kindergarten. With a strong phonetic foundation students learn about letters, word families, and develop key writing skills.
·   Some skills include:
·   making predictions
·   blending /segmenting words and syllables drawing conclusion
·   improving their reading comprehension proper handwriting posture
·   simple letter and sentence formation.

Math:   Relating math to students’ life experiences helps them develop a healthy respect to mathematics. Concepts and skills are introduced in a concrete setting with lots of manipulatives and proceed toward the abstract and symbolic.
Some Topics include:
·   number recognition
·   sorting
·   patterning
·   counting to 100
·   simple addition to 10.

Science:   This subject is integrated throughout our other core subjects of Bible, Language Arts, and Mathematics. Through observation and exploration we discover the world around us and appreciate our Lord’s creation.
Some Topics include:
·   weather
·   seasons
·   insects
·   floating and sinking
·   plants

Social Studies:  This subjectis integrated throughout our other core subjects of Bible, Language Arts and Mathematics. The students are introduced to families, communities, and the world.
Some Topics include:
·   families
·   community workers
·   important historical figures

Kindergarten Handbook
Sample of Kindergarten Writing Style
Kindergarten Daily Schedule