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Fifth Grade

CLASS VERSE: I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me ~ Philippians 4:13


Bible: The main focus of the 5th grade Bible curriculum is to develop Christian character and a Biblical world-view in the lives of our students. Our journey through the Old Testament strengthens our students’ faith by identifying the works of the unchanging God in the lives of the patriarchs and in contemporary everyday life.

History: The 5th grade history curriculum is intricately integrated with our Bible focus to help develop a student’s worldview from a Biblical perspective. The scope of our study is from creation to the age of exploration in the eastern hemisphere and the ancient world. The highlight of the year is a Roman unit simulation that lasts for approximately 4 weeks.

Language Arts: Along with providing rigorous instruction of the fundamentals of grammar, we strive to cultivate expertise in sentence and paragraph formation by encouraging the use of a broad vocabulary, a variety of sentence formats, and an exposure to an array of literature.

Math: By working at an accelerated rate and providing one-on-one instruction, as well as internet support, students achieve a solid fundamental grasp of pre-algebra, and the extensive usefulness of fractions and decimals.

Science: At DCS, in the 5th grade, students gain an experiential knowledge of physics and biology through group projects, science fair, and field trips to the Dayton Air Force Museum and The Ohio State University prairie on The Marion campus. Students develop an understanding of the scientific method and what constitutes credible Science. Highlights of the year include separating water molecules into their atomic elements and launching pop bottle rockets students independently construct.

·The students of the 5th grade have an opportunity to be involved in the elementary school newspaper, which provides an excellent avenue to explore literary creativity.
·Students are also encouraged to explore their musical potential through participation in the 5th grade band and the S.O.A.R. (Sing Out And Rejoice) elementary choir.
·Fifth graders can also challenge themselves by participating in the school spelling bee, geography bee, Math Olympics, speech meet, and much more.