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Computer Goals

1st Grade

· Basic computer skills: caring for computers and appropriate use, internet safety, logins
· Basic skills of keyboarding using Type2Learn Jr: locating letters/symbols, hand/finger positions

2nd Grade

· Keyboarding skills using Type2Learn3: emphasis on proper hand/finger positioning, increasing speed of typing
· Word Documents:  Practice typing spelling words weekly in Word document, opening and saving files, formatting words
· Reinforcing mathematics using online ABCyaK

3rd Grade

· Keyboarding skills using Type2Learn3: reinforcing proper hand/finger positioning, emphasis on speed of typing
· Word documents: opening and saving word documents, emphasis on proper formatting of paragraphs

4th Grade

· Keyboarding skills using Type2Learn 3: Review at the start of the year to reinforce skills learned in previous years
· Word documents: opening documents, saving to different locations on computer, proper paragraph formatting, inserting and formatting pictures
· PowerPoint Project: creating PowerPoints, basic formatting and presentation skills, research skills on internet, appropriate internet use and safety